POGS Official Logo

In accordance with the tenet of painter E.R. Tagle in Positivism on Art, the emblem to represent our Society should stress the positive, and what better way to depict this than with the circle in the center of the design. This is the focal point or accent that gives the design visual impact. The circle is a symbol of perfection.

In our logo the circle within the stylized uterus represents the product of conception, begotten of the Creator's perfect will. As obstetricians we are reminded of our goal to deliver a perfect product, born free of any defect or handicap, born with its genetic endowment undamaged and intact.

The new logo imparts a visual identity to our Society and projects to our clientele what we are and what we intend to achieve. The POGS is a Society that has a social responsibility and a social conscience, involved and concerned with the basic problems of human existence, and committed to excellence.

The new logo was presented to the Society i the annual convention in November 24-26, 1978, and has been our emblem ever since.