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ANNOUNCEMENT: Deployment of Volunteer MDs - OBs to Bangladesh

Dear Colleague:


The Philippine Red Cross (PRC) is making arrangements to deploy volunteer Doctors and Nurses to Bangladesh. This is due to the influx of people from Myanmar to Bangladesh which started last August 2017. Mostly women and children have fled their country to seek temporary shelter in Cox Bazar in Bangladesh. As part of the collective efforts of the Red Cross movement, an Emergency Field Hospital has been set up to ensure access to quality healthcare of those affected. The Emergency Field Hospital is being managed by the Finnish Red Cross (FRC), which recently entered into a MOA with PRC related to the Deployment of personnel to FRC Emergency Response Units/Rapid Deployment Units such as the current Emergency Field Hospital in Bangladesh.


In view of this, PRC and POGS are now partners in deploying volunteer doctors, PRC is looking for volunteer doctors to Bangladesh under the hat of the Red Cross Movement. Volunteer Doctors such as OBs are very much needed to apply for the mission. Mission period will be at minimum 30 days, and will be great if more than. Expenses and benefits such as vaccinations, airfare, visa fees, medical insurance, per diem and a modest "compensation" shall be provided by PRC to the physician to be deployed.


If interested to be a volunteer, POGS will nominate you to PRC. You may submit your credentials such as updated CV, copy of passport, copy of professional license. They will be then forwarded to PRC screening committee for review/final selection.


Truly yours,


Board Secretary

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