2022 Committees


Credentials and Membership Leilani C. Chavez-Coloma, MD
Continuing Medical Education Eleanor C. Chacon, MD
Maternal and Perinatal Welfare Ramon M. Gonzalez, MD
            National Buntis Day
            Breastfeeding Stella Marie L. Jose MD
Hospital Accreditation for Service Pressie P. Eclarin, MD
Nationwide Statistics Pressie P. Eclarin, MD
Ethics and Medical Practice and Ad Hoc Committee on Bio-Ethics Form Lourdes B. Capito, MD
            Medico Legal Affairs Lilia Pagtakhan-Luna, MD
Finance Erwin R. De Mesa, MD
Scientific Works Rommel Z. Dueñas, MD
            Subcommittee on Interesting Case Report
            Subcommittee on Research and Innovations
            POGS Unified Research Agenda (PURA) Ma. Lourdes K. Otayza, MD
Clinical Practice Guidelines Enrico Gil C. Oblepias, MD
Community Service Sherri Ann L. Suplido, MD
Patient Safety and Quality Health Care Ryan B. Capitulo, MD
            Patient Blood Management Maria Carmen H. Quevedo, MD
External Affairs Efren J. Domingo, MD
            Subcommittee on Legislation
            Subcommittee on Local & International Medical Societies
            Subcommittee on Non-Legislative Government Agencies
                        POGS-HMO Committee Rowena M. Auxillos, MD
                        POGS-PHIC Committee Concepcion D. Rayel, MD
Internal Affairs Milagros T. Jocson, MD
Information Communication Technology Mark Q. Antonio, MD
Newsletter, Public Information & Education and Foundation Day Ma. Socorro C. Bernardino, MD
Library and Archives Ma. Gay M. Gonzales, MD
Reproductive Health I Projects Ma. Maureen F. Fortuna, MD
            Immunization for Women (IFW) Sybil Lizanne R. Bravo, MD
            Reproductive Tract Infection (RTI) Mary Judith Q. Clemente, MD
            Sexual and Gender Minorities (SGM) Aime M. Lopez, Jr., MD
            Women’s First (WF) Carolyn R. Zalameda-Castro, MD
Reproductive Health II Projects Anna Belen I. Alensuela, MD
            Family Planning (FP) Esmeraldo T. Ilem, MD
            Gender Based Violence (GBV) Lyra Ruth Clemente-Chua, MD
            Adolescent Health, Issues and Perspective (AHIP) Ma. Socorro C. Bernardino, MD
            Preparatory Reproductive Health Education Priming Adults for Responsible Engagements (PREPARE) Diosdado V. Mariano, MD
Environment and Women’s Health
            Subcommittee on Climate Change & Disaster Preparedness Joanne Karen S. Aguinaldo, MD
            Subcommittee on Reproductive Developmental Environmental Health Ditas Cristina D. Decena, MD


Special ADHOC
            Learning Management System Ryan B. Capitulo, MD
            Members’ Mental Wellness & Motivation Ryan B. Capitulo, MD
            Manila Declaration: Call to Action Against Cervical Cancer Jean Anne B. Toral, MD
            HEALTH/POGI Benjamin D. Cuenca, MD
            Breast Health and Cancer Awareness Debby P. Songco, MD
            POGS Clinical Consensus Maria Julieta V. Germar, MD
            Moratorium Sherri Ann L. Suplido, MD
            Data Breach Management Response Team EXECOM, CNS, PBOG, CREED, DPO
            Ang Pangako: POGS Scholarship Program Rommel Z. Dueñas, MD
            Ang Pangako: Tulong ng POGS sa Kanayunan Sherri Ann L. Suplido, MD
            Ang Pangako Fund/Donation Drive Sybil Lizanne R. Bravo, MD
            Ang Pangako: POGS Word for the Day Ana Victoria V. Dy Echo, MD
            Ang Pangako: Pilipino Dictionary of OB-GYN Terms Ira Dominique A. Malonzo, MD
            Ang Pangako: POGS Statuette/Trophy/Plaques/Stationery Mark Q. Antonio, MD
            Ang Pangako: POGS Tipanan (Park) Regina Paz Tan-Espiritu, MD
            Ang Pangako: Puksain ang Cervical Cancer Cecilia L. Llave, MD
            Ang Pangako: POGS Cooperative Rowena M. Auxillos, MD
Amendments Ma. Gay M. Gonzales, MD
Annual Convention Milagros T. Jocson, MD
Awards Elisa O. Tiu, MD
Mutual Assistance Program Maria Lilibeth L. Sia Su, MD
Council of Advisers Efren J. Domingo, MD
Project Evaluation Ma. Corazon Zaida N. Gamilla, MD


Nominations Sylvia de las Alas-Carnero, MD
Elections Elisa O. Tiu, MD
Audit Ma. Corazon Zaida N. Gamilla, MD
Bids and Awards Elisa O. Tiu, MD


Advances in Labor and Risk Management (A.L.A.R.M.) International Program – Philippines

Program Director Evelyn P. Palaypayon, MD
Faculty Chair Raul M. Quillamor, MD
Program Secretary Agnes L. Soriano-Estrella, MD



Editor-in-Chief Jean Anne B. Toral, MD
Associate Editors Maria Antonia E. Habana, MD
Lylah D. Reyes, MD
Business Manager Angelito D.L. Magno, MD


Chairman Ma. Socorro C. Bernardino, MD


Chairman Teresa Diana B. Bongala, MD
Secretary Ma. Socorro M. Solis, MD
Members Teresita Cadiz-Brion, MD
Madonna Victoria V. Domingo, MD
Virgilio M. Novero, Jr., MD
Noel E. Raymundo, MD
Charisse Sharon Espina-Tan, MD
Ma. Theresa M. Vergara, MD
Ma. Luisa S. Acu, MD
Jo-Ann Ballesteros-Badua, MD
Richard Ronald B. Cacho, MD
Julie T. del Rosario-Lim, MD
Mila Z. Ibay, MD
Marie Antoinette Joanna P. Mendoza, MD
Christia S. Padolina, MD
Anne Marie C. Trinidad, MD
Abigail Elsie DG. Castro, MD
Maria Therese B. Mallen, MD
Emmanuel L. Dagala, MD
Jericho Thaddeus P. Luna, MD
BOT Liaison Officer Leilani C. Chavez-Coloma, MD


Chairman Mary Jocelyn Yu-Laygo, MD
Secretary Darleen San Jose-Estuart, MD
Members Maria Elsa Espino-Aquino, MD
Alpha Salvador-Montaos, MD
Ma. Geraldine R. Ramos, MD
Romerico F. Torres, MD
Genalin F. Fabul-Amparo , MD
Christine Joy G. Garcia, MD
Ma. Teresita S. De Guia-Liwanag, MD
Melissa D. Amosco, MD
Marissa Dy-Dizon, MD
Humildad Asumpta Julieta Melgar-Igaña, MD
Maria Dolores Ambat-Mercado, MD
Susana Sylvana S. Merida, MD
Floriza C. Salvador, MD
BOT Liaison Officer Leilani C. Chavez-Coloma, MD

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