Membership Dues

Below 64 years old above 65 years old above 65 years old
Annual Dues P1,800.00 P2,300.00 P2,300.00
Journal Subscription (on-line) P200.00 P200.00 P200.00
           Plus P400 for the hard copy
MAP – Sickness Benefit P900.00 P900.00 P900.00 P900.00
MAP – Living/Death Benefit P600.00 P600.00 P600.00 P600.00
TOTAL ANNUAL MEMBERSHIP FEES P3,500.00 P4,000.00 P4,000.00 P1,500.00

Effective January 1, 2020, as approved by the Board of Trustees during its June 11, 2019 meeting, the above are the new rates of Annual Membership Fees. The main reason for the increase in the fees was the Mutual Assistance Program benefits, as explained in the following:

1. Increase in the amount of annual membership fees by the Committee on Mutual Assistance Program (CMAP)

Up to 2019, the CMAP was collecting PhP600 for Sickness Benefit Program (SBP) and PhP400 for Death Benefit Program (DBP)/Living Benefit Program (LBP). The last increase in collection fee was made in 2010. This amount is less than half of the supposed collection fee per member as suggested by the actuary in order to sustain the current disbursements. The SBP was increased from PhP10,000 in 2012 to the present PhP15,000 and the LBP was increased from PhP50,000 in 2008 to the present PhP60,000. These were implemented without the corresponding increase in the annual fees.

However, since the increase is more than 100%, the CMAP suggested that the increase be done gradually and the initial amount of PhP1,500.00 is deemed reasonable. This can be broken down in PhP900.00 for the SBP and PhP600 for the LBP funds, based on the proportion of claims from the two benefits.

MAP DUES 2019 2020
Sickness Benefit Program (SBP) P600.00 P900.00
Death/Living Benefit Program (DBP/LBP) P400.00 P600.00
TOTAL MAP DUES P1,000.00 P1,500.00

2. Medical and Surgical Illness Categorization

The CMAP classified illnesses into two categories: MEDICAL and SURGICAL. It was observed that there were more medical claims than surgical claims and it was recognized that the financial burden for the latter is heavier. For this reason, CMAP recommended that the amount of SBP for surgical cases be increased to PhP20,000 and to decrease the SBP of medical illness to PhP10,000. This classification scheme had the advantage of maintaining the same amount of payments in the long run, with the added advantage of decreasing the amount of the greater number of claims (medical illnesses). By doing so, POGS will be channeling the resources of the Program to those who need it most.

BENEFITS 2019 2020
Sickness benefit Program (SBP) P15,000.00
                Medical Cases P10,000.00
                Surgical Cases P20,000.00
Death/Living Benefit Program (DBP/LBP) P60,000.00 P60,000.00

3. The CMAP prescribed that the SBP criterion on a 3-day confinement should be 72 hours stay in the hospital, which the Board of Trustees approved during the June 11, 2019 meeting.

2019 SBP Criterion 2020 SBP Criterion
The member should be confined for at least 3 days for a medical condition, inclusive of the day of admission and day of discharge. A 3-day confinement should be 72 hours stay in the hospital.