The 2020 SGOP Webinar Series is a three-day scientific meeting for general obstetrician-gynecologists, gynecologic oncologists and all specialists in the care of women with gynecologic malignancies. The scientific program is designed to give a thorough discussion of each of the gynecologic malignancies including the breast. Part 1 – CERVIX will give an update of the current diagnosis, staging and therapeutic modalities of cervical cancer, as well as the consequences of inappropriate treatment of cervical cancer. Part 2 – ENDOMETRIUM will discuss the appropriate management of the premalignant diseases of the endometrium to prevent progression to endometrial cancer. The role of frozen section in the diagnosis of endometrial cancer will also be expounded on. Part 3 – OVARY & BREAST will shed light on the appropriate workup for suspected ovarian cancer, explain the algorithm for ascites as well as the algorithm for women with breast complaints. The speakers are established authorities in their assigned topics. We hope that you will find time to attend these webinars which we are proud to say are very comprehensive, practical and useful in clinical practice.

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